What are Necessary Before and During the Transition?

Transition is a stage that most transgender people go through. Trans people refer to those whose assigned sex is inconsistent with their gender identity, and the transition is to meet the desire of transgender people and live in a way consistent with their gender identity. However, not every trans person knows how to make a correct and effective transition. If you happen to have some doubts about the transition, the methods below can help you to some extent.

1. Ask others to use your preferred personal pronoun

When making an effective transition, the first thing you should do is to let more people identify with your gender identity. Only in this way can you ensure that your transition process can be carried out smoothly and bring you less trouble. The use of personal pronouns is very important in the influence others have on your transition. So, in the process of communication, if other people don't know your real gender and how to address you, you can actively tell others your preferred personal pronoun. For example, "Nice to meet you. My name is Ellen. I would be very happy if you could call me a woman's personal pronoun. " It can not only skillfully inform others of your true identity, but also avoid a lot of embarrassment.

2. Try all kinds of way of transitioning

The way everyone chooses to transition is different. Some people make the transition by changing their hair style, and some choose to make the transition by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. All in all, these transition methods are different from person to person. If necessary, it's also a good way to make a transition by changing the name. You can not only change your name on social media, you can also change your name in some legal places. In a word, the change of name can make people around you accept your gender identity imperceptibly. Of course, if you want, you can also try to wear more feminine or masculine clothes. Imitate behaviors and ways of speaking that are more similar to your gender identity.

3. Check out what your insurance can cover

Every transgender tries different ways of transition because there are many different ways of transition. Generally speaking, there are three types of transition modes. The first is the physical transition, which we mentioned in the previous paragraph, for example, clothing, hairstyles and names. The second is hormone therapy by means of which, trans people can have the secondary sexual characteristics. The third type is transsexual surgery which can change their sex completely. Their respective costs are gradually increasing. Due to the different economic conditions of each transgender, the transition mode they take is also different. So before you make a transition, you should find out what you can afford, and try the best transition method within the range you can accept, because it can bring you a better experience. Find ts dating on one night hookup app.